Top Activities to do in Sulina, Romania

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Saint Nicholas Church in Sulina

Sulina is the largest city inside the Danube Delta of Romania. As an old trading port, it oozes charm and history. Don’t miss out on these activities to do while in Sulina.

1) Visit St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church in Sulina Romania

Built in 1867, St. Nicholas is a Greek Orthodox church found along the waterfront. It’s size and grandeur compared to the surrounding buildings attests to the Greek community’s wealth and influence of it’s time.

2) Walk Through the Sulina Cosmopolitan Cemetery

Old hurse in Sulina Cosmopolitan Cemetery

The Cosmopolitan Cemetery is a true testament to the history of Sulina. It reflects the diversity of the town’s inhabitants, with plots for Romanian, Russian Orthodox, Greek, Turkish and Jewish all within close proximity to one another. You’ll find royalty, local sailors and even a few pirates buried among the gravestones.

Sulina Cosmopolitan Cemetery Romania
Jewish gravestones in front, Turkish gravestones in back.

3) Ride Bikes Around Sulina

Horse and Buggy in Sulina Romania
We rode bikes, but a horse-drawn cart is common transportation in Sulina.

Even as the largest city in the delta, it’s still a decently small town. You can easily get around on foot, or rent some bikes for the afternoon. There’s a few companies along the waterfront renting bikes to select from.

4) Lounge at the Black Sea Beach

Beach chairs at the Black Sea in Romania

No trip to Sulina is complete without visiting the Black Sea. Just a few miles outside of town you’ll find a nice stretch of beach with some restaurants and sun chairs for rent.

Either hire a cab to take you the short distance to the beach, or use your bike rental. It’s a nice ride.

5) Take Tours of the River and Reserve

Woman in lifevest on Danube Delta boat tour

No trip to the Danube Delta is complete without taking a tour of the waterways and canals. Sulina is perfectly situated to visit all of the famous sites. Make sure to read our full article on planning your trip to the delta.

6) Visit the Tourist Information Center

Bird display on the Danube Delta
Bird display on the Danube Delta at the Sulina Tourist Information Center.

You wouldn’t expect the Information Center to be an interesting stop, but it’s worth the visit while in Sulina. They have a lovely exhibit about the flora and fauna you’ll find in the delta, along with some history on it’s early settlers.

7) Walk the Riverfront

Woman walking next to giant buoy in Sulina
We found this giant buoy on display along the waterfront.

Life exists along the riverfront of this town, and is where all the action occurs. During early morning or late afternoon it’s a wonderful place to walk, grab a drink at one of the local bars and people watch.

Man drinking an Ursus Beer in Sulina
Tom enjoying a local Ursus draught beer.

8) Marvel at the Sulina Lighthouse

Sulina Lighthouse in Romania

The Sulina Lighthouse was originally built during the Ottoman Empire. Today it’s the only surviving lighthouse from the Ottoman period.

If the history alone isn’t worth the visit, then go to check out the lighthouse’s placement within the city. Originally built along the banks of the Black Sea, it’s now located far inland, showing just how much the waters have retreated over the centuries.

Save this hidden gem for later!

Best things to do in Sulina Pinterest Graphic
Sulina Hidden Gem Pinterest Graphic


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